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When you walk into a house designed by a visionary architect, you have an inspiring experience that you don't have every day. You know the owner has spent his money well.

More than a place to showcase antiques, J. Wilson Fuqua & Associates collaborates with you to create a home that masterfully enhances every aspect of life through elegant scale and crafted quality. 


With a nod to our collective traditions and a desire for fine detail, working with Wilson Fuqua and his team is an opportunity to cultivate timelessness.


Classical techniques combined with current technology are critical to creating space that utilizes traditional beauty and today's modern amenities.

The Fuqua process begins with conceptual sketches.

New construction to partial renovations, the investment in classic techniques and modern technology is necessary to create the visionary results.

Conceptual Sketching

Hand-drawn sketches for early visualization

Computer-generated drawings for quick adaptions to homeowner needs

3D Construction Detailing

Beautiful illustrations to highlight the artistic result of the collaborative project

Watercolor Rendering

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